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Video Promotion on YouTube: The Basics

Video Promotion on YouTube: Getting Started

For musicians looking to get exposure, video promotion on YouTube can play a huge role. Creating a buzz and engagement over your videos is necessary for the growth of your brand. Therefore, it is necessary to have a solid campaign when promoting yourself. Furthermore, following this “basics” guide will bring you through the proper steps in expanding your fan-base.

First and foremost, before you are uploading videos and wondering why you aren’t getting any views or subscribers – you must understand the platform. YouTube is essentially a search engine, so optimizing your data and content will fine tune search results for new audiences.  Additionally, research keywords, hashtags, and trends and applying them within your title and description will aid this effort.

In addition to optimization a YouTube channel should look professional and presentable. You want to be sure that your channel looks official and legit. This helps you gain more subscribers. Adding relevant graphics or images to your profile photo/avatar and your channel’s banner will get the job done. Additionally, fill out the about section and link your other social platforms.


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Video Promotion on YouTube: Rules for Success

The emphasis on search engine optimization plays a major role in how your videos are displayed. Video promotion will take a bit of an organic approach if you utilize optimization properly. Additionally, YouTube marketing efforts will last longer via these search results.

Consistency throughout your videos helps get your more subscribers and fans. Furthermore, YouTube will reward users that drive visitors to their content by doing it the right way. Work on posting quality videos often and even on schedule if you can. Being active is great for video promotion.

Networking with other YouTubers allows you to piggyback off of their audience a bit. New fans will find themselves to your videos and engage whether it is through likes, comments, or subscribing. In addition to a new audience, networking can bring you new opportunities to expand your reach as well.

Lastly, spend some time learning about analytics. Video promotion is useless without being able to analyze the statistics and demographics that are spending time with your videos. Once you are familiar, this makes YouTube marketing easier and you will have an idea what works best.