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Visual Recognition: The Keys to Brand Design

Visual Recognition: Getting Started

Visual recognition plays a huge role in any musician’s path to success. Being recognizable and brandable is how you can tell your favorite artists from another. If everything was just plain-text and grey scale, differentiating acts from one another would be an arduous task. Furthermore, think of your favorite musicians – what do they all have in common? Perhaps you may realize it is unique logo design. Brand design enforces a reputation whether you may realize it or not. It also separates the pretenders from the contenders. Additionally, a well branded musician will keep a consistent and cohesive look throughout all of their visual real estate thus creating a recognizable brand.


visual recognition

Visual Recognition: The Basics

On the path to successful brand design, it is especially relevant that you are aware of your style. Look at popular artists within your genre and pay attention to how they are branded. For example, if you are a heavy metal band, chances are you don’t want an overly corporate look. On the flip side, if you are a classical musician – you don’t want your logo design to be edgy and may prefer a cleaner look.

Now that you are prepared to create your logo – consider your individuality. Don’t just find a random font that you like and type your name. If that is your approach it can be easily duplicated and mimicked. Furthermore, try and add an element that is unique to you and your name. Use white space in creative ways as well as the logo type spacing. On the contrary, if you are physically drawing a logo, be sure that it is clean and can be translated digitally. A professional appearance is a necessity. Your logo should always be 100% vector based to maximize usage and print.

After you have squared away the logo, the next step in visual recognition is color. Spend some time trying to interpret your brand visually and decide which colorways best suit you. This can be applicable on your website and across all social media platforms. Try to keep it consistent as this will set off visual cues with your fans and audience.

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