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YouTube Descriptions: The Basics

YouTube Descriptions: Getting Started

An important piece of YouTube marketing that is often neglected are YouTube descriptions. However, they are extremely valuable and should be treated accordingly. The description box’s contents are part of how YouTube decides where they will rank your video in search results. Not sure how to stress that enough. The stronger you describe your video in a keyword-rich fashion – YouTube will reward you. Especially relevant, for the best results, research artists that are similar to you that are ranking where you want to be and approach your video the same way. Let’s look at some techniques you can use to beef up your YouTube marketing with YouTube descriptions.


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YouTube Descriptions: The Basics

The first five lines of your YouTube descriptions are the most critical. Furthermore, the first two lines will come up alongside your video in search results. However, the first five are what are shown without clicking on the “read more” option. Optimizing your description to include important keywords is good practice to include. Using this strategy to get your video ranked for the correct terms will be very helpful.

In addition to the first five lines you should always include HTML links to your website within the first couple of lines. Additionally, be sure to include links to your social media and use the full address or the link will not work. These can be added after the read more link as you want to display the most important keywords beforehand.

Furthermore, YouTube allows you up to 5,000 characters for your YouTube descriptions. Additionally, your video page is just like any other website that can rank on Google and YouTube. Maximizing your content and treating the description box as a blog post that is relevant to the content in your video can target your audience. However, sometimes your viewers don’t need to see the entire video. Adding timestamps is a great way to give them quick access and gives them incentives to click for what they want.

Lastly, create templates for your YouTube descriptions that will let you get a better hold on your YouTube marketing.