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YouTube Engagement: Getting More from Fans

YouTube Engagement: Getting Started

It doesn’t matter how successful you are as a musician. In order to stay relevant, you have to go with what the masses are into. This doesn’t mean to change your sound or to copy others, in fact, it would help you more or less if you didn’t. However, what is important is that you are able to reach the masses. Utilizing social networks to reach out to fanbases has become a popular concept over the past decade in the music industry. In fact, record labels have whole departments of teams with social media experts strategizing release campaigns to maximize exposure. For example, when you release a music video, you want to be sure that as many people can see it as possible. Not only do you want the views, but you need the YouTube engagement. This is how YouTube knows that your video has fan power and is worth watching. No longer can you just throw a random YouTube marketing strategy at the video and hope for success. Fans must be interacting and connecting with your content.


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YouTube Engagement: The Basics

Now that the concept has been illustrated a bit, let’s dive into what you can include in your music video to maximize YouTube engagement. There are many methods used that can promote interaction with fans. Using these features to position yourself closer to channels and communities within your target demographic.

Of course, the key point of YouTube will lie within comments. Encouraging fans to engage and start a conversation with others based on what you are releasing is great. If you have noticed on YouTube videos, people will often say “leave a comment below with what you think about…”. This is to boost YouTube engagement. Additionally, “likes” are beneficial as well. All of this plays into how YouTube will ultimately rank your video for keywords.

YouTube has recently added a “Stories” feature which isn’t too far off from its competitors. For example, social networks like Facebook and Instagram have this feature as well. It’s a good way to keep fans up to date with short live videos updating them with what’s going on. It also boosts interest in your content and channel. This is all apart of the community vibe YouTube hopes to deliver. Utilizing these tools in your YouTube marketing campaign can bring great results. It’s all about being original and fresh with your content.