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YouTube Promo Tips: Maximum Impact

YouTube Promo Tips: Get the Most Out of Each Upload

Music videos are a massive asset when promoting new music. However, an effective launch plan is necessary for maximum impact. Furthermore, utilizing YouTube promo tips within your release strategy will yield the best results. Getting the best results (most views) is something every musician wants as they put out new music. Let’s look at some ideas that can expand an audience for each upload via YouTube marketing.

First and foremost, establishing an official artist channel as a one stop shop will give fans a sure-fire destination for new content. This can be a regular artist channel, a verified channel, or a VEVO channel to engage your audience. In addition to an official channel – cohesive branding is imperative. Having an avatar and banner that are clear, consistent, and have the proper resolution that can be seen across the desktop and mobile are best. Recommended formats for YouTube assets are JPG, GIF, BMP, or PNG files for the Icon and should be a square image. Banners need to be the same file type. For best results on all devices the banner should be 2560 x 1440 px and should be smaller than 6MB.


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YouTube Promo Tips: Engagement

Echoing back to the banner, it should be noted that your banner is one of the largest opportunities for advertising. Utilizing this real estate on your artist channel to show case your latest single and where it can be found is paramount. Additionally, including links to other social channels will ensure organic traffic.

One of the most important YouTube promo tips is to take advantage of search engine optimization. We have a few articles throughout our blog that deliver different SEO tactics for best placement. Additionally, cross promoting with popular channels gives you the opportunity to piggy back off of their audience.

Overall, YouTube marketing takes time but with strategy and proper approaches reaching a larger audience is possible. Take advantage of one of the largest search engines on the internet and garner as much exposure as you can.