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YouTube Promotion Tips for 2018

Getting Started with YouTube Promotion

Whether we’re talking simple about promotion or different YouTube marketing techniques, we’re going to look at some ways to have a successful YouTube channel. There are tips and tricks that can be used to boost the presence of your channel. Using these tactics will separate you from the average account and can get you in front of new viewers. As a result, artists should stay consistent in quality, post frequency, and product. With so much saturation on YouTube, if you aren’t putting out your best – you may lose viewers and subscribers. YouTube promotion can get you where you want to be if done right.


YouTube Promotion: The Bare Minimum

Let’s be honest, if you’re here – you’re looking for a solution. However, sometimes people just want to do the bare minimum in hopes to improve their presence. While this isn’t recommended, here’s a run down of some basic necessities.

To uphold a professional appearance with YouTube promotion and YouTube marketing, you absolutely need to brand your channel. Having a banner, profile avatar, organize playlists and links to your website and social medias is a must. A YouTube channel should look cohesive with the rest of your online presence. If your Twitter and Facebook share a common banner (and they should), your YouTube must have this as well. Because of the nature of YouTube, the platform rewards users with popular and relevant content. Try and provide quality and get views and comments on your videos. Engaging with other users is one way to do it. For those that are a bit busier, it is also possible to buy YouTube marketing packages.


YouTube Promotion: The Next Step

Now that your channel is set up, your content is quality, and your videos have views and comments – let’s address the rest. Organic approaches to YouTube promotion and YouTube marketing goes as follows. Network with other YouTubers, especially channels that are larger than yours. This is a great way to find a new audience.

Take advantage of YouTube SEO. Optimizing each video can maximize its exposure. Using the right keywords, tags, and description will give YouTube a better idea on why they should rank your video higher. Analytics allow you to keep track of your views and subscription. Knowing how you are grabbing interest allows you to duplicate the process and continue growth.

This may be a bit self-explanatory but posting videos with relevant trends or headlines in mind may garner a few more views. Don’t go full click bait because people hate that but try and be clever in your approach. Musicians looking to grow their fan base may also want to connect with large YouTube promotion channels. Videos on these channels frequently get tens of thousands of views, sometimes even millions. Do some research and start building.

With the right strategy and approach to these YouTube promotion techniques, your YouTube presence may get you in the spotlight before you know it. For any YouTube marketing assistance, check us out at