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Album Production: Finding Beats for Your Project

Album Production: Getting Started

As you begin to work on your album or mixtape you may discover that you want to have a theme. Perhaps you are looking for a definitive quality upgrade over your previous tracks. When an artist goes into album mode, their song releases typically sound different. There is a certain production value, from the instrumental to the recording quality – it’s just elevated. So, why does album production differ from just making a song? The impression is that an artist is looking to create something better than they have in the past. Each album is like a chapter and for most of us, moving forward and bettering ourselves is key. Let’s dive into the basics of how to buy beats and take your sound to the next level.

album production

Album Production: The Basics

Unless you have a music producer of your own – creating a cohesive, high quality, album production based project can be difficult. Furthermore, locking in with one producer can leave your album sounding one dimensional. Unless that is a specific sound you are going for – you may want to find some alternatives. Your album should be versatile while having a cohesive sound throughout. Finding production can be done on a site like YouTube but you are picking from the same pool of beats as many others.

View Maniac has made the process of finding beats for your project easier. We working with major credited music professionals and have instrumentals hand selected by A&Rs. These tracks are already set up in multiple formats made easy to deliver via instant download. Buy beats off of our dedicated production page for your album for a professional sound. Each track is only posted for a limited amount of time to minimize over usage with rights ranging from a WAV lease all the way to exclusive buyout.

Finding the right album production is difficult, however it doesn’t have to be. View Maniac has you covered. Be sure to check out our music marketing packages as well! buy viagra online