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Album Promotion 2020: Marketing for the New Year

Album Promotion 2020: Getting Started

It doesn’t matter if you are in a band or a solo act, album promotion 2020 is reliant on getting your music to the right ears. However, that should be the key when you are releasing new music. Remember, unless you are a household name or somebody with a large and dedicated fanbase – fans will not be excited about a surprise album. With that said, utilizing proper music marketing techniques and strategizing your release will bring the most interest.  However, you may be eager to get your new project out to the masses due to over 4 billion active users across social media. The possibilities for promoting music may seem limitless. It can be difficult choosing the right channels and paths to get heard. Starting with nice artwork design is a great beginning. Let’s go over some basic strategies to set you up for success.


album promotion 2020

Album Promotion 2020: The Basics

For any album promotion 2020 – you should start where you are already recognized. Any fans or audience who are already familiar with your sound and brand will be the most susceptible to your latest release. Utilize your social media, email marketing, and whatever avenues you have access to for connecting with your audience. Through these channels you should be generating interest for your impending release.

After you have established who and where you are going to promote – it is time to prep your marketing material. Whether it is the artwork design, promotional videos, previews, or countdown release videos – you must get the fans excited. Offering exclusive previews should be an effective way to boost engagement. This generates interest among fans and gets people talking. Ultimately, your plan should be to maximize interest for your new album. Be creative in your attempt to garner interest and always provide quality. срочный займ на карту онлайн