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Analytics for Artists: YouTube’s Real Time Dashboard

Analytics for Artists: Getting Started

Analytics, statistics, demographics, engagement; these are just a few words every musician should be very familiar with. In the current landscape where music marketing and strategy is a necessity for success – artists should be aware of these terms. Furthermore, analytics for artists play a significant role in determining the effectiveness of a strategy. This is especially relevant during a YouTube marketing campaign. Let’s focus on what this information means and how to access it on YouTube. If you aren’t using YouTube to market your music, you need to get on the platform ASAP to grow your brand.

analytics for artists

Analytics for Artists: The Basics

With a recent announcement on July 7th, YouTube has released a new data dashboard called Analytics for Artists. This allows artists to monitor their audience, performance, and global reach throughout the whole YouTube platform. This is an extremely comprehensive and full view on how well your YouTube marketing strategies are. Gauging your effectiveness will determine whether you are successful or not in the long run. This platform is available for all official artist channels.

To find the analytic features you must navigate to the YouTube studio and look for the dashboard. Using the total reach tool will allow artists a great view on how their music is finding their audience. However, this not only includes videos from the official artist channel, but also videos created and shared by fans. Anywhere your recording is available, YouTube will share the direct analytics with you. The “Song Detail” feature will show all videos that have been created for a specific song. Most noteworthy, most artists receive 20% of their chart eligible views from videos created by other users.

If you plan on diving into YouTube marketing, be sure to include Analytics for Artists. This is the best way to find detailed reports for your music on YouTube. быстрые займы на карту