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Ariana & Justin lead the Way on with Number 1 Debut

Ariana & Justin Take Top Spot on Billboard Hot 100 Chart

Ariana & Justin are no strangers to the number 1 spots on the chart. However, both artists have landed their third debut at number 1 on the Hot 100. “Stuck With U” puts them in elite company alongside Drake and Mariah Carey as the only artists who have landed this feat. Furthermore, Bieber scores his sixth overall number 1 on the chart, this is Grande’s third.

Unfortunately, this news does not come without some drama. Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine is claiming Billboard has fudged the numbers to help accommodate the two superstars. The Brooklyn MC’s “Gooba” landed in the third spot after massive streaming numbers. This ties his best placement. Additionally, 6ix9ine charted in the top spot on the Streaming Songs and Hot Rap Songs charts for the first time in his career. So, what information does Tekashi have to back his claims about Ariana & Justin? Allegedly at the last hour of the charting week, their record label submitted 60,000 new downloads. Tekashi claims after an audit from Nielsen and others that 30,000 of those downloads were purchased using 6 credit cards. It is an egregious claim, especially if true. There have been many upset artists over the Billboard charts the past few years. Is it possible labels are buying the top spot for their artists?

Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande have both responded to 6ix9ine’s claims. Justin states that the numbers are domestic versus global. Additionally, the label does not disclose sales number until the end of the week by way of strategy. It is also stated that one credit card can only buy a max number of four copies of the song and that any additional purchases are thrown out.

Regardless of the drama, the numbers stand and the artists are awarded with accolades they can boast about for the rest of their careers. быстрые займы онлайн