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Artist Newsletter: Keep Your Audience Connected

Artist Newsletter: Getting Started

When it comes to music marketing, keep your fans in the loop with whatever you are doing is an absolute necessity. Furthermore, maintaining a relationship with your audience will keep them excited and connected with every stage of your career. Utilizing social media can help with this, however, perhaps an artist newsletter may give you a direct line to your fans. Not only is this a direct line but it is a commitment from your fans. By connecting with individuals via email, they are letting you know that they are fully interested in what you have to say. This allows you to communicate information to your most engaged audience and their attention. Let’s go over some ways you can put together a unique and interesting newsletter for your fans.


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Artist Newsletter: The Basics

Your letter to your fans is a great opportunity to share unique and fresh information with your most engaged audience. Additionally, it doesn’t have to read like a boring newsletter either. This could be a casually written message directly to your fans with perhaps a nice poem or pictures included. However, you want to make sure you are adding value to your interactions. Be sure to include some things such as upcoming tour dates, teasers for new releases, in-depth information about new music, or merchandise info.

It is also key to remember that while you are doing any music marketing for yourself, it is especially relevant to stay true to your brand. You want whatever interactions you have with your fans to represent you best. Be sure that you keep consistency within your personal aesthetic as well as image.

There should be focus on the frequency in which you are mailing your fans. Be sure that you aren’t over-doing it but still send a reasonable amount. Utilize your subject lines as call to actions. Always be thinking of how what you are writing will connect with your fans.

Ultimately, an artist newsletter is just another music marketing tool for your arsenal. It isn’t as glamorous as some other promotional tools but it works. hairy women