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Audio Processing: Professionally Engineering Your Sound

Audio Processing: Getting Started

When you write a song, it takes a lot more than just putting a pen to paper. Aside from the lyrics, melody, and song structure – you need to record your ideas. However, you may have noticed that when you record music yourself, it doesn’t quite sound like the music on the radio. While there are plenty of tools out there to make the process easier, a professional audio engineer can usually get your song sounding better. They do this through a technique called audio processing. This plays a major role during the mixing and mastering procedure. Let’s dive into the basics to get you started.

audio processing

Audio Processing: The Basics

There are many ways to record a song. Are you recording over an instrumental? Are you recording as a live band? You should be sure before you begin the recording process. The reason for this is because your recording equipment should be set up properly to facilitate the sound you are looking to achieve. Furthermore, depending on the vocal style or instrument you intend to record, you should be using the appropriate microphone to do so. However, this isn’t always achievable due to budget restrictions. This is why audio processing is so important. Let’s say you are recording a drum kit… if you don’t have the drums microphoned up properly, you may create too much noise in specific tracks. Being able to equalize, compress, or limit specific sounds is a necessity for the mixing and mastering process. The same can be said for vocals. You want to be able to get the full vocal range with clarity. An over processed vocal will make the song sound bad thus limiting the potential for success.

Fortunately, if you don’t have a recording studio or the means for mixing and mastering your song professional – View Maniac has you covered. Reach out today to discuss your project. Our team of professionals will go over your tracks and get it in the hands of a professional audio engineer. This ensures the best possible outcome for your song. Contact us today for a free consultation to get started! hairy women