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Beat Selection: Using a Drake Type Beat

Beat Selection: Getting Started

Depending on what kind of artist you are and the sound of your catalog, choosing the right style beat selection might take a bit. However, if you consider yourself versatile, you might find yourself looking for a Drake type beat. The reason this is brought up is because the Toronto MC can seamlessly switch styles throughout an album. Furthermore, with a tremendous amount of Billboard success – it is easy to see why Aubrey Graham has found himself successful thus far. With the ability to change your sound, you are able to adapt and innovate different styles within the same genre. This is what gives Drake the leg up over his peers.

Beat Selection: The Basics

No matter the sound you are going for – it is very likely there is a Drake Type Beat 2020 to go with it. In this particular case, we have added a riddim for your listening pleasure. Riddims are versatile, radio, and club friendly. Some of Drake’s recently successful records have been over dancehall/afro pop inspired tracks. One Dance, Blem, Controlla, and even Bad Bunny’s “Mia” all carry this sort of inspiration.

Selecting a “riddim” needs to be broken down by your style. Some are heavily bass influenced while others are more melodic. The most common feature of one of these Drake Type Instrumental tracks are the drum pattern. With the intention to be danced to, these kind of beats are usually dictated by the pattern of the claps.

In the case of “Stay The Night”, the track starts off with some chords and a pitched vocal run. A layer of bass underneath bounces along to showcase the impending rhythm of the song. After a brief intro the drum pattern is introduced. This goes on for 8 bars and is then met with a new bell-like melody displaying a catchy progression. Following suit for another eight bars before the chorus comes in. As the hook arrives the beat builds with intensity and a series of synths open up the track to dictate a melody. Simple but catchy. This simple Drake type beat keeps the same pattern moving forward until the track breaks down for a bit before the final chorus.

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