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Blog Pitching: Get Your Music Published

Blog Pitching: Getting Started

As music blogs become easier than ever to create, the internet is becoming full of opportunities. Furthermore, aspiring musicians have more chances than ever to reach out to bloggers to get their music featured on different websites. However, blog pitching requires patience and a respectful approach. Most noteworthy, it is easy to forget how saturated the music industry is. Well known bloggers deal with over a hundred pitches and inquiries a day. This is why patience is a necessity. Additionally, a cool and respectful approach is a great beginning step to get on music blogs.


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Blog Pitching: The Basics

As you begin your attempts to get your music published, you should have all your ducks in a row. Be sure that your music is of industry quality and standard. Furthermore, make sure your social media platforms are branded and uniform from top to bottom. This establishes that you understand the importance of visual representation and you should be treated as a professional. Additionally, you should have music videos available that highlight your image and an available press kit.

After you have established you meet all of the requirements it is time to hunt for the right websites. You won’t be able to get on music blogs if you are blog pitching to the wrong publishers and genres. Do your due diligence and research appropriately. Find blogs where you see a fit for yourself. For example, if you are a heavy metal band – do not pitch your music to a blog that focuses primarily on pop or hip-hop. Look for the contact information and keep it handy. Some times you may have to do some research on the author of the articles themselves. If contact information is not handily available, try and find them on social platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

Lastly, after you have compiled your contact list you may want to just blast a generic letter to them all. Don’t do this. Your emails should be well thought out and catered specifically to each author. Keep them informative, friendly but professional, and short. Picture yourself receiving hundreds of emails a day from aspiring musicians. It can be overwhelming. Make yours stand out by being personable and memorable. Utilizing these steps and information, blog pitching should be easier and you can get on music blogs to spread your sound. срочный займ на карту