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Blog Placement for Musicians

Blog Placement for Musicians: Getting Featured

As the music industry changes, some things still remain the same. Getting proper press coverage is an important part of pushing new music. In this article we are going to look at some tips and tricks that can help your music stand out from the crowd of demos. Many artists wonder how to get on music blogs to grow their brand. But where do you start? How does blog placement for musicians work? Sure, you can send out emails to writers and editors… however, what is the chance they will open them? Below are some steps to take for helping you find the right blog to get your music featured on.


Blog Placement for Musicians: Tips and Tricks

The first step to blog placement for musicians is to stay organized. Simple, right? Well, it’s easier said than done. Creating a spreadsheet to organize your options to get on music blogs is a great start. There are endless blogs out there on the internet, so it can be a waste of time to reach out to sites that don’t cater to your style of music. Do some research and find blogs that fit your sound and niche. From there, spend some time collecting editor contacts and put them in your spreadsheet.

After you have compiled a decent list, it is time to put together your release information. You will want to put together a press release of some sort to share. Most noteworthy, be sure to include the necessary media whether it is a video, SoundCloud, an artist bio or release bio. Additionally, make sure you add your social media accounts and website if you have one within the information you provide. It is highly important that your online presentation is professional as well as your images. This plays a big role in blog placement for musicians.

So, now that you have your release information together as well as your contact list – it’s time to use them. Reach out to the editors and try to keep it personal. Don’t just copy and paste a generic email. Perhaps you can mention similar artists they’ve featured and an article they have featured. Follow up if necessary. Being persistent is a key way to get on music blogs. After all, editors receive tons of emails so try your best to stand out. быстрые займы на карту