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Brand Recognition: Logos for Musicians

Brand Recognition: Getting Started

It does not matter what industry you are looking to grow your brand in. Brand recognition is key. Visual representation that sets you apart from others will not only give you a unique aesthetic but it provides memorability. Standing out among the masses is something that will give fans a reason to be excited about an artist or band. Furthermore, aesthetic is more than just an artist’s appearance. This is how an artist looks, dresses, common themed colorways, style of art, and logo design. Let us dive further into how to strengthen your brand’s appearance.

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Brand Recognition: The Basics

Starting off you should be fully aware of the current genre you fit in best. Additionally, with this in mind, study successful musicians within your genre and take notes on what makes them recognizable. Perhaps you may first think of their sound but surely there is something about their appearance that sets them apart. What gives their brand an overall professional vibe? What do they do right that others don’t? These are things you need to consider and look at.

Look at an artist’s physical style. What makes them unique and what is signature in their style? Now, look at their brand and online presence. Again, what is their aesthetic? Try to classify their design choices and take notes. Are there specific colors that make them recognizable? Most noteworthy, being able to categorize and define these choices of successful artists will allow you to create a path for yourself.

Now that we have established the aesthetics of a brand you are up to creating a logo. A proper logo design should be intended to last you through your career. This is how you will remain recognizable and it should represent you well. Be sure it is clean and professional. If you are not capable of creating a professional logo, hire a designer. Check out View Maniac and our logo design services. hairy girl