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Branding Essentials: Fine Tuning Your Social Media Designs

Branding Essentials: Getting Started

A professional appearance can differentiate you from your peers. This can take you from pretender to contender. Major labels prefer artists that are self-sustainable in regard to being able to facilitate their own appearance and sound. Furthermore, the thought process behind this is, the less maintenance, the better. However, that doesn’t mean that a look or sound can’t change or be molded overtime. But, having the ability to do this on your own is much preferred. As a musician begins to buzz, branding essentials would be considered top priority. The visual representation that you put out lets your audience know who you are. This gives the overall appearance and aesthetic of what you represent. Let’s look at some basics to get you started.

branding essentials

Branding Essentials: The Basics

First and foremost, there needs to be an overall feel for your brand. Whether it is a specific color way, stylization, textures, or design pattern – branding essentials require a cohesive feel. It can be a combination of all of the aforementioned, however, something needs to be established. After the aesthetic has been set, you need a logo. This should be a surefire visual representation for your brand. Perhaps it is just a logotype with style or maybe you include an illustration as well. Most noteworthy, it needs to be recognizable and convey your brand.

After your styles, colors, and logo have been set in place – it is time to focus on social media branding. All of your social media platforms and website should match. There are many different formats and placeholders across different platforms that need to be covered. Banners, avatars, video intros, and artwork design all create opportunity for you to brand.

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