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Branding Essentials: The Basic Necessities for Musicians

Branding Essentials: Getting Started

Musicians all face common challenges. Whether they are established with a large fan-base or just starting out – being unique across the musical landscape is a requirement. Setting yourself apart from any and every other artist within your genre or across all of music will define your sound, look, and audience. So, the first challenge every musician will face is what makes them unique. This is where branding essentials come in. Branding is more than just logo design or a hair style. Brand is about a style that defines you in every single way.  Let’s go over some necessities that must be handled to give yourself some separation from the masses.

branding essentials

Branding Essentials: The Basics

Truthfully, your brand can be multifaceted. If possible, avoid being one dimensional by being so unique. This can isolate your audience or fans. You want to be able to deliver a wide spectrum of music in different emotions and sound but still stay true to your core sound. Practice different sounds but stick to your own identity.

Your branding may not reflect who you are. For example, if you are a pop artist, your logo design shouldn’t reflect that of a heavy metal band. Choose colorways that are fresh and consistent across all of your branding essentials. Study popular musicians in your genre and figure out what makes them unique across their branding design. What resonates with you that their branding suits their brand? Write down different examples and try to connect the dots for yourself.

Furthermore, after you have got the visual design down you need to work on your aesthetic and appearance. Eminem is a good example, for the longest time he was recognized for his bleached blonde hair often referencing it in lyrics. This isn’t to encourage you to dye your hair a different color or start piercing different parts of your face. Find different ways to spruce up your appearance or style.

Lastly, the content of your lyrics and your sound will be a great avenue to show off your brand. Maybe you incorporate darker themes or use vinyl noise in your songs. Perhaps you mic yourself a certain way when you record to get a unique sound. Musicians are creative people. Use your creativity and have fun while branding yourself. payday loan