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Branding Tips: Making Yourself Stand Out Among Others

Branding Tips: Getting Started

The first steps any musician should make after they have made a few songs is to figure out their branding. Once you are comfortable with your sound and committed to being serious within the music industry, you need to address the visuals. However, this is more than videos and cover art. Your branding can instantly take you from generic to intriguing. Most noteworthy, with the right social media branding and optimization you can build a buzz to take you to that next level. Unfortunately for independent artists, major labels want the whole package when working with a musician. With an intriguing looking brand, it makes developing a direction easier. Let’s go over some basic branding tips to get you started.

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Branding Tips: The Basics

Every major artist and band have their own aesthetic and branding whether you may realize it or not. For example, take a look at Machine Gun Kelly. His re-emergence into the spotlight was ushered in with a pink guitar. Changing his hair, sound, and overall aesthetic brought on the successful rebranding of the Ohio rapper’s career. Additionally, another artist that is instantly recognizable by their visuals is 6ix9ine. While many may not enjoy his character – it has become a part of his brand. The rainbow hair, tattoos, bright colors, and purposely obnoxious antics and sound has become a trademark for the Brooklyn rapper.

While we aren’t advocating getting face tattoos or changing your hair style – creating a recognizable accessory may be something you want to consider. This will make you stand out among your peers and can also be applied on your social media branding and optimization. Have a look around the genre you are in and look at the most successful artists. What makes them recognizable? What are they known for? Why do people like them beyond their music? These are questions you should ask yourself. Use these branding tips for yourself and build your online presence. Take advantage of all of your online real estate on social media platforms. Whether it is banners, profile pictures, or page designs, keeping your branding cohesive is key.

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