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Building Anticipation: Create a Buzz for Your Song

Building Anticipation: Getting Started

For any musician whether new or already established, it is important to create a buzz for your new release. Building anticipation for a new song or album will get your audience excited for what you are about to release. This is great for connecting with your audience and letting the know that you have something exciting coming their way. As anticipation builds, fans will engage with your posts more and perhaps you can even become a trending topic. However, you can’t just say “new song coming soon”. Give your fans something substantial that they can hear or see. This adds reality and creates a buzz to your new release. Let’s look at a few different ways to generate interest in your newest project.


Building Anticipation: The Basics

First and foremost, when generating buzz for a new release you should already have a few things established. A recording of the song or album should be prepared for showcasing. Furthermore, graphics and promotional material alike are necessary in building anticipation properly. Be sure you have enough content to go through a stretch of time. Set up a pre-release countdown on your social media. This is a great strategy to release your new single, ep, or album. Additionally, it buys you time to put the finishing touches on your release.

As you roll out your strategy you can deliver different forms of content to your followers. Perhaps putting lyrics in your posts without revealing too much. In addition to posts, video is a great tool for building anticipation. Not only do you have your audience’s ears but you also have their eyes and attention with video. Trailers and countdown videos are popular for showcasing a new release before it drops. However, keep your focus on quality. You want your content to match your brand, visually and sonically. Be sure that your pre-release countdown looks as good as you sound. If your strategy is rolled out properly, you should create a buzz for your latest release in no time. hairy girl