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Buy Instrumentals: Finding a Sound for Your Album

Buy Instrumentals: Getting Started

Musicians starting their careers in this current era of music have it easier than those before them. Furthermore, the ability to create an album in the comfort and privacy of your own bedroom is more attainable than ever before. However, with easier access, comes more competition and saturation. You don’t need to be trained in music theory, a music producer, or an audio engineer to create good sounding music on your own. Services are available for everything except for recording yourself. What that means is that you can buy beats that you like the sound and shape your whole project without an executive producer. At first thought, you may not like the idea to buy instrumentals, but it is extremely common practice nowadays. Let’s go over the basics and break down how you would go about it.

buy instrumentals

Buy Instrumentals: The Basics

The most common place to buy beats is through YouTube. Many artists find themselves on the video search engine searching for hours for backing tracks that fit their vibe. Additional websites and apps such as Soundcloud, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can give you direct access to producers and their tracks as well. Most noteworthy, these tracks are available to any potential viewer and they have the same opportunity to purchase the track as you.

Most producers offer their tracks through different lease types. These leases tell you the rights associated with your purchased track and whether or not you can sell copies of the song and if so, how many copies. Certain leases may limit how many times a song can be broadcasted or performed. It is best to go over the rights to determine which lease is best for you. Additionally, different leases provide different versions of the beat. In most cases they are divided into at least three categories. MP3 leases are the lowest tier. This is because a MP3 is compressed and has lossy audio. A WAV lease provides a higher quality version of the same track but is usually a bit more expensive. Lastly, a track out lease gives you the individual stems to the instrumental for your engineer to mix your song with.

If you are looking to buy instrumentals be sure to check out View Maniac. We work with music industry experts and A&Rs to hand select professional tracks for your project. These beats are sourced privately and exclusively and give you a great shot at creating a hit record. Our pool of instrumentals is updated weekly and caters to all genres. This is a must for artists looking for professional and unique tracks that the masses have not heard. займ онлайн