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Content Creation: Social Media Release Videos

Content Creation: Getting Started

Creating the best possible content for your fans should be an absolute priority. The only aspect of your career you should prioritize higher is creating music. Your content creation needs to be enticing and promote engagement from your fanbase. Furthermore, the quality of your content alongside the frequency in which you post it is paramount to your success. For aspiring musicians, fans expect to see new videos, graphics, and music from you as they await your rise to stardom. Additionally, the more content you put out – the closer your audience feels to you. Giving them a reason to connect and engage is how you create die-hard fans.

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Content Creating: The Basics

So, now that you are aware of how especially relevant content creation is for success – let’s dive into the basics. Whether it is graphic art, video design, or audio previews… these are what you should be sharing with your fans.

Regarding graphics, your social media platforms should be designed to match your brand. Visually pleasing graphics and images that fit the aesthetic and vibe of who you are. This is how you become recognizable with visual cues. You want your fans to see your content and immediately be able to distinguish that it belongs to you. This will make your music marketing efforts easier.

In addition to graphic design, your content creation should include audio. Being able to showcase new audio clips is a fantastic tool for promoting new music. Considering you are a musician, in many cases, this is why your fans are interested in you. However, people can be fans for other reasons but it should really be about the music.

Lastly, let’s go over video design. This is the pairing of graphic design and audio. However, video design can and will include video footage. Whether it is from a music video, behind the scenes, or a live performance – all of this aids the content creation of video design. There are many apps you can use to accomplish video content. Some are easier than others. Most noteworthy, really it comes down to how you learn to use the tool itself.

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