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Creative Content: Catch Your Fans Attention with Posts

Creative Content: Getting Started

Unless you’re a household name, it is especially relevant to make creative content that will draw your fans in. Consistently. Keeping your followers intrigued is a necessity for any music industry hopeful planning to becoming a popular artist. Furthermore, consistency should mean more to you than frequent posts. Consistency should be a model for you to post by. Whether it is how often, the style of posts, branding, or actual quality. Set a standard and run with it. Your fans will come to expect this of you and expect nothing less. A well-branded musician is envied by others and often imitated. This can be video design, graphics, or even your style. Let’s go over some basics to get you started.

creative content for musicians

Creative Content: The Basics

We are fortunate in this digital age that all social platforms cater to what is trending. Because of this, there will always be a topic you can address and make relevant to your brand. With the right creative content, joining the conversation can be easy. Social media followers typically tend to behave in a hive mind like mentality. Most people want to feel like they are apart of something. Use this to your advantage. Create posts and content that are relevant to current events while maintaining your own personal touch and aesthetic.

The creativity of your creative content can be reflected in artwork and video design. Attach your branding to anything you post. Even if you intend on live streaming, include your branding in some capacity. This will familiarize your fans and new followers with who you are and what you represent.

Different forms of visual content such as lyric videos, intros, audio visualizers, and motion covers are great ideas to generate interest for an upcoming release. Trailers, social premieres, and animated logo videos work great as well. Your artwork can vary but keep your branding involved. Also, be sure that whatever you post, the quality is up to par. No blurry images from reposts. Keep your content interesting and your fans will stay intrigued.

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