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Ecommerce: Selling Merchandise to Fans Online

eCommerce: Getting Started

Musicians looking for a way to sell merchandise to their fan base should turn towards eCommerce. This is an online based business model that lets individuals buy and sell things over the internet. In this case, it is creating your own personalized platform that your fans can visit to buy things directly from you. However, it is especially relevant that you have your own website that people can visit. If not, you should consider looking into website design for musicians. A well-designed website can provide any feature necessary to sell merchandise. Whether it is a feature that tracks where a visitor came from, how long they spent on your website, what they have clicked or are interested in, etc… any feature you desire that may be helpful for collecting information about your fans is possible. Let’s dive into the basics of eCommerce.

ecommerce for musicians

eCommerce: The Basics

After you have had a website design for musicians completed, you need to set up your online store. This should be a feature or page on your website that allows people to add the specific merchandise to a cart. Once they are in the cart they have the ability to add merchandise or checkout. Most noteworthy, this should feel seamless for the website visitor. A bad user experience can discourage a fan from purchasing or even returning to your website. This is why professional website design is important.

After you have a functioning cart and checkout system on your website for eCommerce, it’s time for the fun part. Making money and connecting with fans. Merchandise can range from T-Shirts, Hoodies, Stickers, Vinyl, Cassettes, or virtually anything else you can imagine. Be unique in your choices and designs.

Most noteworthy, if you don’t feel comfortable creating an eCommerce platform of your own you can always reach out to a professional. Here at View Maniac, we offer website design for musicians at affordable rates. Reach out today to get started with selling merchandise to your fans! unshaven girl