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EPK Press Kit: Are You Ready for 2018?

EPK Press Kit: The Basics

As the new year approaches it would be wise to have your EPK press kit ready to go. Promoting yourself and your material with an electronic press kit is the best way to get yourself out there. Traditionally press kits were used as tool for many musicians, labels, agents, and managers to promote an artist, release, or tour. Now that we are in the digital age – physical press kits are a thing of the past. However, we can still use the premise and functionality of our predecessor as influence for their digital counterpart. Let’s go over the basic elements in an EPK press kit.


EPK Press Kit

EPK Press Kit Elements

We’re going to look at the basics here.

Audio – as a musician or band the most valuable asset you have will be your music. Providing links to your album or songs is an absolute necessity. Whether it’s new material or something specific for a release, you have to provide links that are easy to play or download.

Biography – it’s important to let whoever you are sending your EPK press kit to that they know a bit about you. It doesn’t have to be your life story but a few paragraphs about where you’re from, your style of music, and your “mission” can go a long way.

Press Release – the best way to think about a press release is like a bio for your project. You’re going to give information about what is being released and how you want it to be portrayed. A press release may include the history of the project and the end goal. Any information anybody may need to know should be included here.

Images or Videos – I think this is self explanatory. Although, I should mention that you want to keep your media relevant to your release.


EPK Press Kit

EPK Press Kit: How It’s Made

So, now that we have all of the essential information on what is included in an EPK press kit – how do we make one? Generally speaking, an EPK press kit can come in different forms. Some times it is a website. Other times it can be a PDF or word document. Furthermore, if you are unsure how to put any of those together yourself, you can check out our service for EPK press kit.