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Facebook Advertising for Musicians

Facebook Advertising for Musicians: What is it?

New research has shown that a majority of marketers don’t bother using Facebook ads in their Facebook promotion. However you may feel about the company should be put aside as there are several reasons why advertising on the platform can be a huge asset. So, what exactly is Facebook Advertising? Facebook has over a billion active users from all over the globe. The social media giant has done a great job of organizing this data and making it available to marketers. However, it is generally only useful if you intend on reaching an audience via Facebook. You could be missing out on traffic to your ticketing websites or your music which could turn into new fans or ticket sales. It should be obvious that Facebook promotion via ads to build awareness of your brand can be extremely beneficial. Because of this – let’s dive into why you should be using Facebook ads in part with your marketing strategies.


Facebook Advertising for Musicians: Why Should You Use It?

Creating awareness is the first thing that comes to mind. If time is a valuable asset to you – Facebook can save you tons of it. Assuming you’re an independent artist promoting yourself… using Facebook’s analytics and demographics to strategically target new fans is a huge time saver. Additionally, Facebook Ads allows you to automate previously manual and repetitive tasks. Most noteworthy, adding a Facebook pixel to your site gives you an opportunity to keep track of Facebook users who visit your brand. This is great for future engagement.

Besides time, you will be saving money. Believe it or not but the cost of Facebook ads are not that expensive. Facebook promotion does not necessarily need to blow the budget. A musician can set the amount they wish to spend per day and have the campaign run for an amount of time selected. This is ideal if you have a concert coming up and want to target a lot of people by age and likes in a specific area.

In addition to saving time and money, Facebook ads has an easy interface to use. Additionally, the platform has many resources out there to walk you through the process step-by-step. Whether you are promoting a new album, a show or an event, or own brand… Facebook ads can give you positive results. hairy girl