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Facebook Adds 1,000 Free Songs for Video Usage

Facebook for Creators

Facebook’s new initiative to provide tools for creators on Facebook and Instagram includes a “sound collection”. With 1,000 free and pre-cleared songs by mostly unknown artists, this collection can be used in videos royalty free. The massive social media platform started rolling out new material on Friday, December 8th, as part of its program, Facebook for Creators. Facebook for Creators program was announced last month.

In this catalog you will find songs of all genres. There are options to sort by moods, such as scary, dreamy, and bright. The catalog also shows song length and the type of vocals included on the song. As previously stated, most of the artists are unknown. However, there are a few distinguished artists among the crowd. Also included is a library of 1,500 sound effects that creators can use royalty free, as well.


What’s to Come

What’s to come? It is most likely only a matter of time before major artists can be found on the service as well. There have been reports earlier in the year that Facebook was in talks with major labels and publishers for rights to include copyright music in videos uploaded to the platform. Perhaps, one could imagine that at some point Facebook will open the door for independent acts to submit music for the library as well.


Some Thoughts

Well, it certainly seems like Facebook wants to keep its users on its own social network. Maybe Facebook is going to take a run at some of YouTube or TwitchTV’s traffic. With Facebook’s focus toward “creators”, you can wonder what might be on the horizon for the mega social network’s userbase. In any event, use these songs and sound effects to your benefit. If you’re a musician, this might be incentive to vlog. Producers and engineers may enjoy the royalty-free sound effects. At the end of the day, this should just be another tool in your toolbox. With that said, there is something here to keep your eye on.