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Facebook Promotion Tactics in 2018

Facebook Promotion: What’s New

Facebook has become a bit of a controversial topic lately. However, there are still 2.13 billion monthly active Facebook users. Basic math aside, that’s a lot of users. Artists work tirelessly to cultivate a following on Facebook. Unfortunately, the popular social network’s algorithm is ever changing. As a result, Facebook promotion can be a bit difficult and fickle at times. Let’s take a look at how musicians can maintain a successful strategy when promoting themselves on the platform.


Facebook Promotion: Prioritizing Comments

Due to current updates to make Facebook a more personal platform, marketing may take a hit. In the new update public figures and brands will face adversity. Organic reach will be minimized with an emphasis on overpriced ads. However, for years shares made posts go viral and therefore was an important success metric. Now, Facebook promotion is relying on comments.

According to Facebook, pages making posts that generally don’t get reactions or comments could see a big decline in distribution. Pages with posts that engage users will see a bit more organic reach. So, long story short… creative content should be designed with discussion in mind. Give your fans something to talk about or to start a conversation on. Otherwise, no body may see the post.


Facebook Promotion: Official Videos vs Facebook Videos

Facebook still really believes in Facebook Live. The company intends to continue to push it and claim live videos get 6 times as many interactions as regular videos. Marketing budgets should include social video content and not rely on re-purposing official music videos from YouTube. Facebook will not prioritize this content over their own. Something to consider for sure when posting new material on the network.

Content by family and friends will take priority over public pages by up to 5 times. Fans are becoming powerful bearers of content distribution. This makes sense because it shows relevant content that real people are interested in. Build yourself an online street team and have them engage and spread information on behalf of your brand.

Facebook promotion can still play a major role in your marketing strategies, you just have to stay ahead of the curve and be creative. unshaven girls