Facebook Updates for Musicians

Facebook Updates for Musicians: Where to Start It should come as no surprise that Facebook is a top spot

Facebook Updates for Musicians

Facebook Updates for Musicians: Where to Start

It should come as no surprise that Facebook is a top spot to market yourself as an artist. With an accessible audience and huge userbase, Facebook provides musicians many tools to get themselves in front of new fans. However, while using Facebook to promote yourself won’t guarantee new listeners – there are plenty of tools to aid you in your efforts. Furthermore, becoming familiar with these tools will be beneficial for any marketing campaigns you intend to execute. So, with Facebook rolling out FB5, a new design that is intended to be simpler, faster, more immersive, with focus on putting communities at the center – let’s look at the benefits. There are some Facebook updates for musicians to take advantage of.


Facebook Updates for Musicians: The Big Three

As previously mentioned, there are some new Facebook updates for musicians to benefit from. To be precise, there are three we will focus on. These updates offer music marketers new and better opportunities to stay connected with fans and sell more tickets. Thus, making Facebook promotion an extremely valuable resource again. In the coming weeks there will be some updates and features within the mobile apps.

Most noteworthy, in a chance that should help sell more tickets, starting this summer, a Facebook Events tab will be located predominately within a new menu bar layout. This change is designed to give fans an easier opportunity to see what is happening within their neighborhood or community. Additionally, getting recommendations and coordinating with friends to make plans is within the intention.

However, the biggest change is a new “groups” tab. This tab sits in the middle row of the redesigned menu bar. Users get a personalized feed of updates from their favorite groups. Furthermore, they will receive recommendations to join other groups based on mutual interests. Facebook promotion has never been easier.

Lastly, within Facebook Messenger, there are new ways to watch videos in a group. This feature will roll out globally throughout the year. Messenger will now let you discover and watch videos from Facebook together in real time. Seamlessly sharing a video from the Facebook app on Messenger and inviting others to watch the video together while messaging or in a video chat. This is perfect for premiering new music to your fans. It’s always important to keep your eyes out for new Facebook updates for musicians for new ways to promote your brand. payday loan

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