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How to Get on Music Blogs

Get on Music Blogs: What You Need to Know

In 2018, it’s no secret that the internet is king. Devices that connect us to the world wide web are on us virtually all the time. Social media is truly an information highway and it can give you whatever you want to know in seconds. However, in most cases social media is used to link us to other sources. Websites can be filled with niche based data to attract users who are interested in specific content. Blogs are like magazines and are filled with articles. Getting featured on a blog can get you more exposure. So, now that we explained the basics, let’s go over how to get on music blogs so you can get your music out there.


Get on Music Blogs

Get on Music Blogs: The Music

When attempting to get your music featured on blogs you should be sure that your audio and visual are quality. If the blog you want to be featured on thinks that your content should be improved, there is a chance they won’t feature you. Spend time to ensure that your music is ready to be distributed on a large platform. Once you’re happy with what you have, it’s time to learn how to get on music blogs.


Get on Music Blogs

Get on Music Blogs: The Process

So, you’re releasing your new single and you have every finished. Your branding is professional, and you have music on a platform like VEVO, YouTube, Spotify, or SoundCloud. Having a completed press release with information about yourself and your release will give you a better chance at getting featured.

Let’s look at your options. There are two different ways to go about how to get on music blogs. The difficult way and the easy way. Both have their benefits. Exploring the difficult option, you want to reach out to content writers for the blogs you feel fit you best. Consider that they probably receive a lot of attention and requests and that you may get lost in the mix. However, if you are that unique and you really match the vibe of their blogs, you may get featured. This approach can be time consuming, but it can also be rewarding. On the other side, it can also be disappointing.

Looking at an easier path to exposure, you can pay a marketing company to submit your content to popular music blogs. While this option may not always feel true to your “artist integrity” – this is what all the major labels and popular artists do. Working with a company to promote your release can get you the exposure you want – and quick! Once you are featured on a few blogs it helps your credibility when trying to land placements on others. Check out ViewManiac and our blog placement service today if you want to learn how to get on music blogs.