Get on music blogs. Gain massive exposure. This is how!

Front Blog placements for musicians. Get on music blogs: There is a big misconception when it comes to blog

Get on music blogs. Gain massive exposure. This is how!

Front Blog placements for musicians. Get on music blogs:

There is a big misconception when it comes to blog placements. Most people think that all you have to do is submit your song or video and you will be placed. This is not always the case. Luck certainly plays a part.

Here’s how it works. It’s based on a few different factors.

  • The blogs must absolutely love you
  • your video goes viral and they pick it up naturally
  • you pay them directly for ad space
  • you pay a PR company to present you which increases your chance at major placement.

With Bigger blogs gaining millions of hits per month, it makes it harder to get placed for free. Most blogs sell direct ad space to their customers. The bigger the blog, the more you have to pay per ad. The bigger the real estate you take up, the higher the cost.

get-on-music-blogs-190% of the time, these blogs only have a certain amount of slots that are available per day. They don’t want to give up those slots for free.

A lot of artists are interested in gaining front page blog posts. Below is a checklist you want to follow, before you start investing in blog promotion.

  • Make sure before you invest in blog placement that you have a foundation built. You want to have an audience that pays attention to your music. First impression is key in this business.
  • Brand yourself and create clarity on your social media channels. Master ONE thing. Be the artist you want to be. Own it.
  • Focus on one single at a time. Don’t be the artist that puts out a song every week or month. It’s not beneficial and this is what everyone does. You want to act as if you’re a major act already. One single per 2-3 months is the best way to garner concentrated attention.
  • Make sure you have your EPK finished and your professional bio set and ready. Each single you release should come with a single description. A song bio if you will. Make sure it’s 400-500 words. We suggest taking new photos per single so that you are armed with the right materials to submit.

The next step is to figure out which blogs you would like to be featured on. If you’re not looking to pay direct to the blog owner or pay a PR Company, then we suggest starting with smaller blogs to increase your chances at placement.

get on music blogs today

The top 20 music blogs are below. These blogs drive in the most traffic daily, monthly, and yearly. These blogs all gain targeted attention around the music industry.

1. Pitchfork

2. Consequence of Sound

3. Tiny Mix Tapes

4. Resident Advisor

5. Stereogum

6. The Line of Best Fit

7. Your EDM

8. Pop Justice

9. Dancing Astronaut

10. Drowned in Sound

11. Fake Shore Drive

12. All Hiphop

13. EDM Sauce

14. Large Hearted Boy

15. Rap Radar

16. 2 Dope Boyz

17. FACT

18. Hypetrak

19. Indie Shuffle

20. The Wild Honey Pie

Once you figure out the blogs you want to place with, you want to follow these steps for submission to get on music blogs:

  1. Make a list of all the blogs that you like and that you would like to place with. This is a list that you always want to update throughout your career.
  2. Have your EPK and single BIO ready.
  3. Upload your song to youtube and sound cloud as these are the most popular platforms used.
  4. Put together your press release
  5. On each blog that you like, click contact or advertise with us through there website.
  6. You will send them your materials in a very organized fashion. Explain to the blogs that you’re an avid reader and you would love to be featured.
  7. If you don’t get placed within 1 week, do a follow up.
  8. If you still don’t get a placement, you can contact them and ask them for direct placement prices.

    If you would like to hire a professional PR company to help you get on music blogs, we can help!

Each month we place our clients on hundreds of music blogs. Our goal is to arm our clients with enough ammo so that you can improve your music career. Contact us at or visit our GET ON MUSIC BLOGS SERVICE

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