Get verified on social media? Here’s how!

Get verified on social media What is Social Media Verification? With today’s technology, almost anybody and anything is accessible

Get verified on social media? Here’s how!

Get verified on social media

What is Social Media Verification?
With today’s technology, almost anybody and anything is accessible to you at just a few swipes of your finger on a mobile device. It’s just as easy to impersonate a brand as it is to send an e-mail, so what separates the real and the fake? How can we be guaranteed that when we are on social media that we are looking at credible sources? Well, the people over in Silicon Valley have made that easier on people like us; social media verification.



When a brand or celebrity is established, platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram will add a blue check to the profile to ensure the rest of us that the profile we are searching for belongs to the corresponding brand. However, because of the validation that being verified provides, it is perceived publicly as a prestigious status symbol.

Are There Benefits to Being Verified?
You can bet there are benefits to being verified. The first and most obvious benefit is of course, the status symbol. Once somebody or a brand is verified it gives an air of being among the elite. Almost like being a digital socialite. While for some, this might seem minuscule in the grand scheme of things, it really helps your brand and gives more appeal versus the average person who may or may not be doing the same thing as you career wise.

Now, let’s get past the superficial reasons and look at some actual benefits that can potentially help you monetize your brand. With social media verification you get more exposure. You become a recommended profile more frequently and get priority over users who aren’t verified. This can help you in many ways, assuming your profile has been branded properly and you are pushing some of your work, say maybe a single or album; being verified on social media will get you way more attention which can turn into sales.

Another great benefit of social media verification is credibility. By this time, verification has been around long enough that most people understand that if somebody is verified – they earned it. It gives a user instant credibility within their field of work and it is there for the world to see. That’s almost priceless.



social media verificationHowever, the final benefit that should not be overlooked is the analytics and statistics that come with social media verification. Being verified allows a user to see tons of stats about their posts like engagement, clicks, likes, and even time frames when their content got the most traffic.

Imagine you release a song on a Friday night, let’s say 8 pm, you’re thinking that it’s start of the weekend and what better way for your audience to get pumped up for the weekend than to listen to your new song. You wait an hour or 2 and you are disappointed by the statistics you are seeing, depending on the size of your fan base you may see some traffic, likes, etc. but just for the example, let’s pretend it was underwhelming.

Now pretend you release another song on Wednesday around lunch time, a time when social media has slowed down for a part of the day. You are getting crazy traffic, clicks, shares, likes, etc. Now you know based on the analytics and statistics provided to you that you can pin point the best times to release new music. Awesome, right? In my opinion, this is probably the greatest benefit to being verified.

How Can I Get Verified on social media
Well, let’s just say it isn’t easy. This isn’t exactly something you can do for yourself; there are requirements necessary to be a candidate for social media verification. It helps to have a body of work published through retail outlets, a strong online presence, and a nicely built brand, but even then it takes a connection to these platforms to make this process happen.

Fortunately for you, we can help! We have a system that works and makes the verification process easier and a real possibility for aspiring artists. It is important to understand the value and power of being verified. This isn’t a service for everybody but if you are tired of being looked at like everybody else, this is probably the step you need to take to bring your career and exposure to the next level.

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