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Getting Discovered: A Musicians Guide

Getting Discovered: What it Takes People find new music in many different ways. However, with the rise of digital

Getting Discovered: A Musicians Guide

Getting Discovered: What it Takes

People find new music in many different ways. However, with the rise of digital music distribution, getting discovered as an artist can be easier. Although some avenues remain the same, musicians should be savvy to what is new and what is working. Knowing where you want to go may make the journey easier but because getting discovered is a virtual popularity contest – it is wise prepare yourself. Who knows your sound better than you? What type of career do you see for yourself? What type of venues will you be performing at in the future? Which musical influences does do your songs reflect? Knowing the answers to these questions will certainly help you along. In this article we are going to spend some time discussing how musicians are able to get discovered. Let’s check it out.


Getting Discovered: Steps for Success

Let’s be clear before we fully dive into what it takes for musicians getting discovered… this is just a guide line. Providing a step-by-step routine will not guarantee success. However, making you fully aware of the process, the platforms, and what is expected of you will better your chances. Always be sure that your brand is fully represented, visually and sonically so you are recognizable to your audience.

A great way to think of your listeners is to consider them a community. It can be difficult these days figuring out the “real world” community connections without going to a bunch of shows so we will focus digitally. Through various methods of digital music distribution musicians are able to put their music on many different platforms. While this doesn’t lead to getting discovered – it betters your chances of being found. Platforms dictate listening behaviors. This is something an artist should take advantage of. Knowing the strengths of a platform will allow you to manipulate how your music is received. Spend some time on different digital music distribution platforms and pay attention to the user interfaces. Try to think about how or why something is setup the way that it is. Be creative with your releases and try different things.

Hustling your butt off is something most don’t do. A strong work ethic will give you the foot up over your competitors and it is something the people you are networking with will recognize. Do what you can to get your music in front of everyone that may share it or write about it. Be selective and considerate throughout your process. Play some shows and do a bit of a “boots on the ground” approach. If you are setup properly via digital music distribution, this will help your organic new fans find you. Most noteworthy, getting discovered is all about exposure and accessibility. unshaven girls

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