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Getting More Spotify Follows: The Basics

How to Get More Spotify Follows: Getting Started

Most artists today should be aware of the importance of Spotify follows. Growing your fanbase on a top streaming platform will increase chances of landing on high-profile playlists. Additionally, this increases revenue for musicians. Followers can help track your progress and increase chances of getting maximum exposure. Furthermore, Spotify treats followers as a mailing list, sending them automatic updates whenever you release new music or schedule a show in their area. With this potential to boost your fanbase and increase show turnouts – you will want to use Spotify to gain followers any chance you get.

spotify follows 2020How to Get More Spotify Follows: Be Creative

During a Spotify promotion campaign being creative is key. Most noteworthy, taking a creative approach to gain more Spotify follows will yield better results. Utilizing QR codes can give you tons of freedom to be creative while promoting your music. Generate a code by tapping the “…” button next to what you want to share. Save the picture directly to your phone or screenshot the code in the Spotify app. As the code is scanned, the Spotify app will open and be sent the song, playlist, or album that corresponds. Furthermore, after a code is made you can share it anywhere. Print out flyers, stickers, or include it with merchandise at shows. Possibilities are endless as long as you are creative enough.

In addition, utilizing your artist pick at the top of your Spotify profile is a great way to pin your latest single. If you have something especially relevant that generates significant interest – put it there with the artist pick. Whether it is a song, playlist, or album – this can give users a reason to follow and engage with you.

Other great Spotify promotion tactics to gain new Spotify follows are reaching out to music bloggers, collaborating with others, and running competitions. The more people willing to tell others about you, the more followers will be gained. Engaging with your new audience is necessary to keep interest.

Lastly, be sure to link your Spotify profile whenever possible. hairy woman