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Holiday Songs Have Taken Over the Charts

Holiday Songs Are Leading the Way This Year

In many cases, you wouldn’t be surprised to know that Holiday songs are all over the radio and charts in December. Furthermore, it probably wouldn’t be surprising if this was the time of year that they accumulated the majority of their streams, sales, and radio airplay. However, this year is the first time that Holiday themed music takes up the top nine spots of the Streaming Songs chart. The only other song in the top 10 of this chart at the moment is Bad Bunny’s “Dakiti” which features Jhay Cortez as it sits at number 6 with 19.8 million streams.

Most noteworthy, it should not be surprising that the top of the chart is Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You”. This Christmas classic has dominated year in and year out since its release. The song has dominated the chart for seven total weeks since the beginning of the chart’s history. Additionally, it is currently on a two week streak. With 31.4 million U.S streams for the past week, it is easy to see why this song is leading the way. Coming in at number 2 with 29.2 million streams is Brenda Lee with “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”, another Christmas classic.

It is especially relevant and worth noting that there are a total of 29 holiday themed songs on the chart this year. However, the record is 31 in the top 50 set in January of 2019. It is quite possible that more Christmas and Holiday related songs could find their way on the chart before the end of the month. In addition to the streaming songs chart, the Billboard Hot 100 is hosting 29 holiday songs as well. The leader? You guessed it. The queen of Christmas herself, Mariah. As artists continue to release new music throughout the month it will be interesting to see how they compete against the holiday music.