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How to Improve Your Spotify Profile

Improve Your Spotify Profile

For artists that are looking to expand their reach to new audiences, Spotify has become a necessity. Optimizing the streaming platform’s effectiveness such as customizing an artists profile can help with getting verified. With optimization an artist can learn more about their fanbase and really grow a target audience through their Spotify Profile. Spotify has 70 million paid subscribers around the world and is the most popular digital music distribution platform. Creating a Spotify profile for Artists will make your brand discoverable among other artists and give you a better position within Spotify. Let’s look at some helpful tools that can maximize success.


Spotify Profile

Helpful Tips for Your Spotify Profile

Artist’s Pick is an awesome tool that an artist can use to highlight specific work on a profile. This tool can be quite valuable if you have new music you want focused on. With Artist’s Pick, an artist can set a song, album, playlist, or even an event to feature at the top of their profile. This will draw listeners directly to whatever it is you are promoting, and you can attach a short message as well. To illustrate the concept, this is like a “sticky post” on your Facebook profile.

It should be widely known by now that playlists are powerful tools within themselves to share new music. Therefore, having your music in a playlist among popular artists or songs is a great way to find new listeners. Creating your own playlists allows you to connect with fans and other artists. This is great for digital music distribution or showcasing your sound with others.

Listing your concerts on Spotify by connecting a ticket platform to your profile is great for announcing events. Upcoming events will be listed on your profile and will be updated every time you announce a new one. Keeping your profile and bio up to date is just as important as the music itself with digital music distribution. Additionally, keep an eye on the data of your audience and use this information to grow your brand in the areas of your listeners.