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Instagram Audience: Engage with Your Fans

Instagram Audience: Getting Started

Many musicians use social media as a way to connect with their fans. In reality, your Instagram audience is waiting to hear from you and engage with you content. However, it is especially relevant that you maintain a consistent theme and provide quality posts. This develops connection and expectation from your followers, as well as commitment. As you post more often and receive more likes and comments, your Instagram posts will begin to trend. Thus, organic Instagram engagement begins to happen. The social media platform’s algorithm is designed to reward content that consistently gets good engagement. This is how people will find your posts in the discover tab and you will attract new followers. So, let’s take a look at what type of content is most successful and how you can get started.


Instagram Audience Engagement

Instagram Audience: The Basics

Most importantly moving forward, you need to be able to evaluate your content. Take bias out of it and focus on the results. Which content that you post gets the best engagement? Which content gets a smaller percentage of likes and comments? This is information you should be keeping note of. Your Instagram audience will tell you what they expect from you by the way they interact with your posts. Furthermore, keep your content consistent in frequency, quality, and character. However, it is okay to show off some personality some times and sharing a relevant meme or two.

For musicians, the content that stimulates the most organic Instagram engagement is generally their music. However, that is a broad way of defining it. Find cool and unique ways to impress your Instagram audience by showing off your music. This can be audio visualizers, music videos, previews, in studio performances, or even live/acoustic sets. Give your fans that behind the scenes content they are interested in. How the songs were made, the inspiration behind it, etc. Keep track of the analytics for each video and explore the data. As you see trends in growth, duplicate this process.

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