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Instagram Audience: Increasing Fans and Followers

Instagram Audience: Getting Started

Musicians, artists, bands, DJs, producers, singers, and brands – what do they all have in common? They all want to increase their Instagram audience. However, as social media’s popularity increases – so does the knowledge on how things work the way they do. People will always attempt to ‘game the system’ or find shortcuts. Furthermore, with an app such as Instagram, there is a rule of thumb… content is king. Additionally, getting your content in front of the right eyes is the goal. Instagram has figured out how to prevent marketers from using popular methods to promote their content to new audiences.

The reason behind this is they would prefer that all of the above mentioned pay for exposure. This is why if you or a friend post something, it doesn’t show to your whole timeline. It could be considered a bit shady on the social media company’s behalf – but this is the way it is. So, how do you generate organic Instagram engagement?

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Instagram Audience: The Basics

Besides sharing your content to your followers, there aren’t many organic ways to continue to build your Instagram audience besides word of mouth and other people sharing. Additionally, it is possible to get your content posted on blogs or shared on other social media platforms. However, within Instagram itself – the discover tab is the holy grail. This is how your content goes viral.

View Maniac has come up with an exclusive service to boost organic Instagram engagement. After many years of studying the platform, we have developed a system that works with their algorithm and receives great results. As we roll out a strategy to increase your Instagram audience we will focus on which hashtags will increase visibility. Additionally, we will optimize your content for Instagram’s search engine putting you in front of many. With proven traffic sources, your content will be seen and interacted with by many high-level accounts. This quality of engagement will boost your popularity on the app and Instagram will reward you by showing your content to more people.

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