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Instagram Features to Grow Your Brand

Instagram Features: Getting Started

Social media is an integral part of any music marketing campaign. While it isn’t the end all and be all of growing a brand, there is a significant role it plays in connecting with fans. Increasing engagement via social media is a necessity. The amount of fans that interact with your brand through social media posts weighs on how you are perceived by major labels and other artists. Facebook and Instagram have rolled out new Instagram features to increase connection between accounts and their followers. Most noteworthy, during this social distancing lock down it is a great way to connect with your audience. Let’s go over some Instagram promotion methods with the new features to get you started.

Instagram features 2020

Instagram Features: The Basics

As we dive into Instagram features to enhance an Instagram promotion campaign, we will start briefly with their parent company Facebook. Most noteworthy, Facebook recently updated their messenger allowing for rooms. These rooms are available on desktop and within the messenger app itself. With Rooms, you are able to host video chats with many people similar to Zoom or Houseparty. This is great for listening sessions or to showcase new music. It is free and all it takes is you sharing the link with your audience and followers.

In addition to messenger, Facebook created tools on Instagram. Now Instagram users are able to post IG Lives directly to IGTV. Additionally, with this new feature a user can download and share the stream. Alternatively, you can delete the stream to keep the content going. Create a live series and share it to IGTV or create something fun to enhance engagement with fans.

In addition to IGTV, Instagram allows users to add challenges into their stories. This creates stickers and boosts engagement. Let your fans participate in your challenges with your unique sticker via hashtag. This creates awareness and builds your brand further.

Lastly, using stickers during Instagram promotion is one of the fun new Instagram features. As always, promoting yourself is all about being creative with the tools available. 

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