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Instagram Lyrics: Add Some to Your Story

Instagram Lyrics: Add Lyrics to Your Instagram Story

As of recent, Instagram and Facebook have been taking steps to make it easier for fans and artists to discover and promote music. Furthermore, Instagram has announced a new feature that lets users add lyrics to their stories. Here we have, Instagram lyrics. This is a great tool for Instagram marketing for any musician. An update like this is sure to be a fun new way for artists to highlight songs and let fans spread the word about their new favorite music. It should be no secret when it comes to the power of social media. Additionally, connecting with your fans and building a buzz around your music is a necessity for any artist in 2019. Especially relevant, as time goes on there are newer and more effective ways to make an impact within your audience. Let’s look at different ways to add Instagram lyrics to your Story.


Instagram Lyrics: The Basics

First and foremost, musicians should look into different forms of Facebook and Instagram monetization. This is an easy process and gives permission to add your music to a library. Furthermore, once your music is within the catalog, third party services can use your music and you will be able to collect revenue. Using a service like MusixMatch will allow you to upload your lyrics to Facebook’s library. This is important because Facebook owns Instagram.

However, in the case of Instagram lyrics it is especially relevant for you to be familiar with Instagram stories. Having knowledge and understanding how Instagram works will broaden your Instagram marketing efforts. Stories are a terrific way to keep fans updated with what you’re up to and allows you the option to share new music. As you share music you can add lyrics by selecting the music sticker from the tray after taking your picture or video. Choose the song that best showcases what you want and select the region to show off. Fans watching your story will see lyrics pop up as the music plays giving them the option to click to see the song title and artist. Furthermore, this links to the artist’s Instagram profile.

Lastly, be sure to tell your fans about this. Get your lyrics and music out to as many people by having your audience share in their Instagram stories. hairy girl