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Instagram Posts: Promoting Your Content to New Fans

Instagram Posts: Getting Started

How successful you are on social media is in most cases directly related to your content. This is why it matters what is in your Instagram posts. Your content should resonate with your followers and aim at increasing organic Instagram engagement. Furthermore, the more your content is engaged with, the higher Instagram prioritizes it for other users. Additionally, it is widely known that social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter funnel your posts to a limited number of users to see if it is worthy of being seen on a broader scale. This is to prioritize sponsored posts, otherwise known as ads. It is shady but that is the way these platforms operate.

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Instagram Posts: The Basics

What this comes down to is if you want to promote your content to new fans, you have to get your current audience to like and comment on your Instagram posts. However, any comments and likes that you get help. Instagram just wants to see organic Instagram engagement to declare that you are worth viewing. Quality content matters. Most noteworthy, getting real interactions matter more than the content. You can increase engagement by asking followers to participate in your posts. Creating content that is worthy of replies should be a focus. However, if you are releasing a new song, video, or graphic – perhaps put engagement worthy content in the caption.

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