Instagram Promotion: How to Promote Your New Album

Instagram Promotion: Your New Album So, you have a new album that you’re releasing but you’re unsure on how

Instagram Promotion: How to Promote Your New Album

Instagram Promotion: Your New Album

So, you have a new album that you’re releasing but you’re unsure on how to promote it? It doesn’t necessarily matter whether you have tons of followers or not. It does help though. However, whether your fan base is established or blooming – you should aim to excite your fans. We’re going to go over a few techniques that you can utilize to let your following know you have a new album on the way. These are easy Instagram promotion tips that virtually any artist can apply to their account.


The Name & Cover

With social media being an integral part of most people’s daily lives these days, you’ve probably shown pictures of yourself in the studio. This can generally indicate that you’re working on new material. Fans of music will get excited just knowing you’re in the studio coming up with new records. So that’s pretty obvious but how can you give them something to look forward to.

Dropping the name of the new album via Instagram can be a cool reveal. Perhaps you upload the cover of your new album and leave a cryptic message. Give your followers something to ponder. Taylor Swift did this recently with her new album. After deleting all of her posts and then adding new photos that were relevant to her album. Fans and blogs all over went crazy trying to put the pieces together. Taylor’s Instagram promotion tactic was successful, and she created plenty of buzz. So, what’s the lesson here? Be tactful in your approach. Don’t just give the name of your album away or the track listing. Set an actual release date and stick to it.


Preview Music

Using Instagram’s video feature is an excellent way to promote your new album. Finding the right style of video that matches your brand is a good technique. Instagram video trailers are generally how the major artists do it. Music visualizers or motion graphics with clips of your new songs playing can also garner interest. Share portions of the song that are just enough to hook them in. Excite your listeners. Even after the album is release, you want to give them enough reason to go and stream the song or purchase it.


Reviews & Fan Interaction

Sharing screenshots of articles or blog posts can be a great form of Instagram promotion. Having a respected source or critic review your songs can also excite your followers. Tag the writer or the publication that reviewed you. This is a nice way of thanking them for checking out your work and giving you another platform to be heard.

The same goes for fans! Any fans that take pictures or videos that are relevant to your music or brand and posts them on social media are doing the leg work for you. Sharing their posts encourages other followers to do the same. You’re never too big or too famous to appreciate your supporters. Showcasing your fans is as important as showcasing your music.

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