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Instagram Statistics: Growth by the Numbers

Instagram Statistics: Getting Started

If you are wondering why you should use Instagram for marketing your music, this is a good place to begin. Throughout this article we will look at the impressive numbers and statistics that the social media giant is able to boast. Furthermore, discussion will take place regarding organic Instagram engagement and how to build a brand with loyal fans. Numbers, statistics, and analytics all exist for a reason and every musician (or their marketing team) should be taking advantage of the glut of information available to us all. Instagram statistics is no different and there are many artists taking advantage of the platform to climb their way to the top of the industry. Let us go over the basics.

Instagram Statistics Music Marketing

Instagram Statistics: The Basics

Pretend you had away to reach every user on Instagram – this would give you direct access to 1 billion monthly users. Especially relevant, of those 1 billion users there are 500 million daily global users. Additionally, 500 million daily active story users. This platform is buzzing, and people are always looking for fresh content.

However, Instagram is even a great place to sell stuff. Customers are all over Instagram ready to buy, you just have to give them what they want. Looking at some demographics we can see that 120.7 million Instagram users are from the United States. This means 89% of users are outside of the US. Of the 1 billion active users, 63% of users login to Instagram at least once per day and spend an average of 28 minutes per day on the platform. What are you doing to reach your followers? Consider the kind of content fans and new fans may be looking for. Spend time researching successful artists in your niche and create similar content in an original way.

When you are sharing your content, you should note that 60% of the top brands on Instagram use a consistent filter. Additionally, posts with multiple hashtags perform better than those without. Even more interesting, posts with a location tag have 79% higher organic Instagram engagement. Whereas posts with just one hashtag has an average of 12.6% more engagement.

Utilizing these Instagram statistics, you should aim to interact with your fans through engaging content. At least 50% of all Instagram users use the explore page and with enough interest you are bound to find your way there. микрозаймы онлайн