JGE Retro – Promising Duo out of St. Louis

JGE Retro – Promising Duo out of St. Louis JGE Retro is a young rap duo coming out of

JGE Retro – Promising Duo out of St. Louis

JGE Retro – Promising Duo out of St. Louis

JGE Retro is a young rap duo coming out of St. Louis, Missouri. The pair is made up of artists Lil Shawn and Shad, and they rep the independent record label “JGE”. For those not in the know, JGE stands for Jackie Gabrielle Entertainment. The group get their name JGE Retro from their common love of retro shoes and clothing.  Although Lil Shawn and Shad take on the retro name, it appears that it isn’t just their attire that is fresh.

The young artists were fortunate enough to grow up surrounded by the music industry. Not only did they grow up during a prominent time during the St. Louis’ hip-hop scene, but they were born in a legacy of hip-hop. Lil Shawn is the nephew of the rapper Nelly, and Shad is the son of Nelly’s former manager, Tony “T-Luv” Davis. Because of this connection, JGE Retro inherited the talent of their relatives and began making their own music at an early age. Lil Shawn recorded his first song at the age of 11 and started an act with his cousin. Furthermore, Shad also started early and has been making music for 13 years. As the artists grow they are able to appreciate music that is unique and creative. Looking to further the culture and sound, they have stepped away from the trap genre as it has grown too generic.


JGE Retro are focused on creating unique music. Currently they are locked in on producing songs that are meant to be fun and exciting and talk about relationships and emotion. Through their shared work ethic, this young duo has overcome many setbacks and have began to create a name for themselves. JGE Retro received a major breakthrough after being featured on BET’s “Nellyville” which documented the behind the scenes life of their relative Nelly.

Be sure to be on the lookout for JGE Retro. They are currently in the process of working on an upcoming project, titled “Late 2 Class”

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