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Lady A Pops on Top with “Champagne Night”

Lady A Hits Top of Country Airplay Chart

As the new year rolls in, Lady A is back on top of the charts. With their 11th number 1 the Country band tops the Country Airplay chart with “Champagne Night” as the song jumps from 4 to 1. Most noteworthy, the songs popularity is boosted as the audience impressions increase by 23% jumping up to 26.6 million. These numbers are tracked and reported for the week ending January 3rd by Nielsen Music. However, it should be noted that this isn’t a new song. This song debuted on Country Airplay last May. Furthermore, the song originated on the songwriting competition Songland. “I’ll Drink to That” was the original name of the track and won the episode on April 13th, 2020. Lady A then reworked the track and changed the title to “Champagne Night”.

Especially relevant, the track follows “What If I Never Get Over You” to the top of Country Airplay. It is quite a bragging right now that Lady A is able to brag having earned multiple number 1s on the chart in each of the last three decades. The first time the group did it was under the name Lady Antebellum with their single, “I Run to You” for a week in July 2009. After that, they followed up with the smash “Need You Now” which stayed on top for five weeks in November of that year. With that song alone, they earned number 1s in the 00’s and the 10’s.

If we are looking how the song is doing on other charts we can see on the Hot Country Songs chart it sits at number 8. This is a bit of a leap from number 15 the previous week. The Hot Country Songs chart mixes data from streaming, sales, and airplay. Up 48% to 5 million U.S. streams this past week and 20% to 1,000 downloads, the song is trending upwards. As always, keep an eye on the charts to see how Lady A and other popular artists do to start the new year.