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Major Labels Want Slots on Spotify Playlists

Major Labels are Demanding Spots on Spotify Playlists

The major labels are not happy with the number of song placement they receive on key Spotify playlists. In fact, they are demanding preferential treatment. The displeasure with Spotify is being directed at two different kinds of playlists that drive many listening hours. Major labels want more slots on top official hand-curated playlist like Rap Caviar which boasts a cool 99.93 million followers. Not too shabby for some Spotify promotion. Additionally, the labels are concerned that they are not getting more slots on algorithmic-ally driven playlists such as the Daily Mix, Release Radar, and Discover Weekly.

Algotorial playlists on Spotify have a lower share of major label content. For obvious reasons this upsets the majors because they feel they are not making enough revenue off of streams. However, rising musicians can reap large benefits from Spotify playlists. As this situation grows in the listening mix, the major labels stand to marginally lose share. The corporate side of the music industry sees this as a thorn in the labels sides.


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Can Spotify appease Major Labels with Spotify Playlists Support?

No matter how you look at it, there isn’t going to be an easy solution for Spotify. While Spotify playlists slots could be a huge bargaining chip for the company, giving them to the majors could cause huge backlash. Top playlist curators in all genres keep subscribers coming back specifically because they are seen as autonomous and mix popular with undiscovered music. Guaranteeing major labels free Spotify promotion would lead to boring playlists and drive users elsewhere. In addition, if Spotify changes the algorithm-based playlists to favor major artists – chances are high the playlists will become less popular. Most noteworthy, these Spotify playlists were designed to treat major label and independent music equally. This is a key reason that the Discover Weekly playlist always delivers unexpected songs alongside favorites. Changing this formula prevents Spotify from being a truly personalized experience. Additionally, it limits Spotify promotion for independent artists. быстрые займы на карту