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Making Music: Professional Songs Without A Studio

Making Music: Getting Started

Making music is something that should come natural to all musicians. However, while music is a broad term and methods of making it can vary – we’re going to dive into creating professional songs without a recording studio. Furthermore, high quality recordings are the music industry standard and should be looked at it that way. What this means is, don’t just record a song on your phone over a random backing track without any mixing and mastering. For the best chances of success, it is necessary to produce high quality music with the intention of releasing to the masses. This includes a radio ready sound in regard to structure, quality, and overall product. Let’s take a look at the necessities you will need to get started.


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Making Music: The Basics

The focus of this article is assuming that you don’t have a recording studio of your own or do not intend on shelling out big bucks to record. Especially relevant, the focus will be on the tools and requirements you need to create excellent sounding music. First and foremost, you should have a laptop or computer that you can facilitate a digital audio workstation for recording. Free ones are available such as Audacity, Reaper, and if you have an Apple device, Garage Band.

Once you have installed one of these applications, your path to making music has just got a little bit easier. Now, you will need to grab your microphone and find a quiet place to record. Be sure that you are able to get a clean recording for each track that you lay down. This will make the mixing and mastering process better and ensure high quality songs.

After your songs are complete through the production, recording, and mixing phases of the process – it is time to distribute. Utilize music sharing sites such as YouTube or Soundcloud. If you want to get on streaming applications, get in touch with a digital music distribution company like View Maniac. Once you are up and running, all you have to do is share your song and get it out there. unshaven girl