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Mixing and Mastering: Producer Tips

Mixing and Mastering for Producers

Over the years with the rise of the digital age – producers have found the need to be a bit like engineers. A producer is no longer just the guy (or girl) that tells the engineer or musician how a sound should be heard. In most cases, the person composing the whole track. Mixing and mastering services have become a necessity for many. As a result, when a producer sends a track off to a major artist or label representative – they are expected to deliver an industry standard. Whether it is volume, frequency, compression, or reverb – producers should know their way around a mix and master.

The tricks used in a mix is dictated by the feel or genre of a song. Each track requires its own unique touch. Understanding how and why to do so will separate a producer from a pretender to a contender. As a producer composes a track they should be aware of the frequency range of all instruments involved. Because vocals are generally expected to be on a song, this should be considered while creating as well. Mixing and mastering can take care of many different parts of a song but over-doing a mix can be costly as well.


Mixing and Mastering Plugins

Less than 15 years ago digital recording was not as nearly popular as it is today. Many engineers swore by the analog sound quality, some still do. It was often said that digital recording felt a bit thin and lacked warmth. However, in 2018 we are fortunate to live in a world built around technology. Music industry included. There are many companies out there that specialize in virtual studio effects. With that said, specialty companies and plugins excel at different effects and produce better results. It is possible to find free versions (legal) of plugins. Trial periods or demos will give you a chance to test out mixing and mastering plugins you are curious about.

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