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Music Marketing Rundown: Promoting Yourself

Promoting Yourself: Music Marketing Rundown

For many musicians, promoting yourself can be a bit of an arduous task that yields questionable results. However, music marketing doesn’t have to be as stressful or tiring as it may seem. Furthermore, the key to successful promotion is to try new things and fine tune previous attempts. Fortunately, thanks to the internet, the world is truly at your fingertips. Throughout this article we will give you a rundown on some basic strategies to attract a larger audience.

As everything moves more and more towards a digital landscape it is easy to forget about the value that person to person interaction can deliver. It is easy to create great quality music, release it, distribute, and promote it without ever leaving your house. However, forging real relationships with fans, musicians, promoters, and industry-type people will reward you long term. Check out some networking events or showcases in your local area and participate in the action. As you get more comfortable you can expand to near-by cities. Continuing this approach and you will eventually be known through multiple cities and states.


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Promoting Yourself: The Digital World

As previously mentioned, the world is online. People constantly have their faces buried in a screen, whether it is a phone or a computer. Whether it is social media or a website – focusing on traffic that engages with your music is necessary. However, social media is not fully meant to be a marketing platform. The reality is, it is more or less a catalyst for conversation. If every post on social media is promoting yourself – you are going to lose your audience. Be creative, engage with conversation, and work on organic growth.

In addition to social media a musician should have a website. Promoting music and selling it on a website allows you to be in control of the process. Additionally, your website can be a hub for all of your music, videos, and pictures. Furthermore, using your website to create an email list can be most beneficial. Having a direct line to your fans will help with promoting yourself and new projects or merchandise.

Lastly, your music marketing campaign should include collaborating with others. Whether they are other musicians, DJs, or playlist curators – connect with other audiences will only bring you more new fans. Use this as an opportunity to show the world what you got. займы на карту срочно