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Music Production Tips: Mixing Drums

Music Production Tips: Getting the Most Out of Programmed Drums

If you are on the music production side of creating tunes – one thing is for sure, programmed drums are here to stay. Maximizing the usage of these samples during mixing and mastering will create the best modern results. However, unless you are a total purest in the studio, changes are you already use samples in your production. Creating a collection or gaining access to all of the necessary microphones and preamps can be quite costly so using samples is the most cost-effective approach. Furthermore, with programmed drums you are able to get world-class sounds recorded by great engineers around the world. Additionally, you won’t have to spend big money to do so. Let’s look at some relevant music production tips for these samples.


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Music Production Tips: Getting Started

Starting off – whenever you’re approaching any new track, to get the most out of mixing and mastering you should use high quality sample packs. There are plenty of websites available that sell libraries of sounds. Focusing on quality is key and you will be happy that you invested wisely after the fact.

After you have selected your high-quality sounds for your programmed drums, play with the velocities in your programming. Creating dynamism throughout your pattern will make it sound more natural and less robotic. Additionally, creating randomized velocities will add humanization to your sound. Furthermore, avoid 100% quantized drums. If you are creating a drum pattern, try to add some swing into the notes or place the drums a bit loosely.

Lastly, listen to a lot of real drum recordings. Spend time learning how real drums are supposed to sound and if there are any impressions you can add to make your programmed drums sound more natural. Listen for dynamics. Emphasizing the beat through the down-beat or up-beat of the track will continue the theme of humanizing your percussion. займы без отказа